Evening Reading for February 17

John 4:27-30
Suggested further reading: Acts 9:15-22

How zealous a truly converted person is to do good to others! We are told that the Samaritan woman `went into the city, and said to the men, Come, see a man which told me all things that ever I did: is not this the Christ?' In the day of her conversion she became a missionary. She felt so deeply the amazing benefit she had received from Christ that she could not hold her peace about him. Just as Andrew told his brother Peter about Jesus, and Philip told Nathanael that he had found Messiah, and Saul when converted straightaway preached Christ, so, in the same way, the Samaritan woman said, `Come and see Christ.' She used no abstruse arguments. She attempted no deep reasoning about our Lord's claim to be the Messiah. She only said, `Come and see.' Out of the abundance of her heart her mouth spoke.

That which the Samaritan woman here did, all true Christians ought to do likewise. The church needs it. The state of the world demands it. Common sense points out that it is right. Everyone who has received the grace of God and tasted that Christ is gracious ought to find words to testify of Christ to others. Where is our faith, if we believe that souls around us are perishing and that Christ alone can save them and yet hold our peace? Where is our charity if we can see others going down to hell and yet say nothing to them about Christ and salvation? We may well doubt our own love to Christ if our hearts are never moved to speak of him. We may well doubt the safety of our own souls if we feel no concern about the souls of others.

Do we ever talk to others about God and Christ and eternity and the soul and heaven and hell? If not, what is the value of our faith? Where is the reality of our Christianity?

For meditation: Are you more talkative about the weather, your family and your hobbies than about your Saviour?

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