Evening Reading for March 7

John 6:1-13
Suggested further reading: Romans 4:18-25

These verses describe one of our Lord's most remarkable miracles. Of all the great works that he did, none was done so publicly as this and before so many witnesses. Of all the miracles related in the Gospels, this is the only one which all the four Gospel writers alike record. This fact alone (like the four times repeated account of the crucifixion and resurrection) is enough to show that it is a miracle demanding special attention.

We have, for one thing, in this miracle a lesson about Christ's almighty power. We see our Lord feeding five thousand men with `five barley loaves and two small fishes'. We see clear proof that a miraculous event took place in the `twelve baskets of fragments' that remained after all had eaten. Creative power was manifestly exercised. Food was called into existence that did not exist before. In healing the sick and raising the dead something was amended or restored that had already existed. In feeding five thousand men with five loaves something must have been created which before had no existence.

Such a history as this ought to be specially instructive and encouraging to all who endeavour to do good to souls. It shows us the Lord Jesus `able to save to the uttermost'. He is one who has all power over dead hearts. Not only can he mend that which is broken, build up that which is ruined, heal that which is sick, strengthen that which is weak; he can do even greater things than these. He can call into being that which was not before and call it out of nothing. We must never despair of anyone being saved. So long as there is life there is hope. Reason and sense may say that some poor sinner is too hardened, or too old to be converted. Faith will reply, `Our Master can create as well as renew. With a Saviour who, by his Spirit, can create a new heart, nothing is impossible.'

For meditation: `Is anything too hard for the Lord?' (Gen. 18:14).

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