Morning Reading for September 26

Luke 19:28-35
(Matthew 1:1-6; Mark 11:1-6)

Suggested further reading: John 21:15-17

Our Lord Jesus Christ has perfect knowledge. We see him sending two of his disciples to a village and telling them what they will find and where, what they will see and hear, with as much confidence as if the whole transaction had been previously arranged. In short, he speaks like one to whom all things are naked and open, like one whose eyes are in every place, like one who knew things unseen as well as seen.

An attentive reader will observe the same thing in other parts of the Gospel. We are told in one place that he knew the thoughts of his enemies (Matt. 12:25). We are told in another that he knew what was in a man (John 2:25). Yet again he knew which of them believed and who would betray him from the beginning (John 6:64). Knowledge like this is a peculiar attribute of God. Passages like this are meant to remind us that the man Christ Jesus is not only man. He is also God blessed for ever (Rom. 9:5).

The thought of Christ's perfect knowledge should alarm sinners and awaken them to repentance. The great Head of the church knows them and all their doings. The Judge of all sees them continually and marks down all their ways. There is no darkness where the workers of iniquity can hide themselves (Job 34:22). If they go into the secret room, the eyes of Christ are there. If they privately scheme villainy and plot wickedness, Christ knows it and observes it. If they speak secretly against the righteous, Christ hears. They Maydeceive men all their life long but they cannot deceive Christ. A day comes when God judges their secrets (Rom. 2:16).

The thought of Christ's perfect knowledge should comfort all true-hearted Christians and quicken them to increased diligence in good works. The Master's eye is always upon them. He knows where they live, what are their daily trials and who are their companions. There is not a word in their mouths or a thought in their hearts but Jesus knows it completely. Let them take comfort and courage. He knows (John 21:17).

For meditation: His knowledge encompasses everything. His sovereignty controls it all. Yesterday, today and tomorrow are safe with him.

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