Morning Reading for April 4

Luke 8:1-3
Suggested further reading: Matthew 25:31-46

Our Lord showed unwearied diligence in doing good (v. 1) regardless of the reception that he found. Man's unbelief did not move our Lord or hinder his working. He was always about his Father's work. His short ministry comprised much work. Here is the Christian's example. Let us labour to do good in our day and generation (1 John 2:6), redeeming the time. Few have an idea what can be done in twelve hours if men will stick to their business and avoid idleness and frivolity. Time is short. In the world to come there will be no ignorant to instruct, no mourners to comfort, no spiritual darkness to enlighten, no distress to relieve, no sorrow to make less. Souls are perishing and time is flying!

The power of the grace of God and the constraining influence of the love of Christ are seen in these women. We can well imagine the difficulties these holy women had to face in becoming Christ's disciples: the contempt and scorn of the Pharisees towards all who became Christ's disciples, the hard words and actions against any Jewish woman who thought seriously on religion. But, grateful for the mercies received from the Lord and renewed by the Holy Spirit, they were able to endure much, to cleave to Jesus and not give way. It was not women who betrayed, forsook and denied our Lord. They wailed and lamented at his crucifixion. They stood at his cross. They were first to his tomb. Let all women take note. Busy mothers, wives of ungodly husbands, daughters of worldly parents should follow Christ, serve him and glorify him.

The Lord grants his faithful followers work to do (v. 3). As a man like ourselves in all things, except sin, our Lord lived the life of faith in his Father's providence. He allowed his followers to minister to him to prove their love and regard for him. True love will count it a pleasure to give anything to the object loved. False love will often talk and profess much, but do and give nothing at all. Our lives are continually showing whether we love Christ or whether we love the world. When we serve Christ's people we serve Christ.
For meditation: We cannot all be great preachers like Paul, but we can and should serve Christ according to the abilities given us (Rom. 12:4-5).

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