Ask_friend.JPG (8749 bytes) You Ask A Friend
Edited by James Beeke

You ask a friend where she got her neat-looking bike. Wonder if she answered you with the following story, would you believe her?

"In a desert, strong winds once blew sand into a pile. Over thousands of years, the dew and sun hardened this sand pile. A tornado whirled the hardened sand at great speed so that it formed metal tubing. As the winds blew this tubing across the desert it was bounced and bent to form the frame. The metal wheels rolled in from a distant country and they happened to fit exactly into the bike frame. Lightening struck a nearby piece of metal and splinters flew off which stuck into the wheels forming spokes. Later, the handlebars happened to land in the hole of the frame as you see them. Air entered the tires. Heat from the sun expanded the air and so the tires were blown up and I found the bike, just like it is!"

Would you believe this story? Why not? Because when you see the design of the bike and how each part was made to fit together, you know that a person made this bike.

Have you ever thought about who created a bird with lightweight bones and with wings so it could fly? Who created fish with gills to breathe under water? Who created you with matching eyes, legs, arms and hands? When you see the complex design of creation and how everything fits together, you know someone created this. It could not have just happened by chance. Creation is far more complex than your friend's bike. If you cannot believe that your friend's bike fell together by chance, certainly you cannot believe that the entire creation did!

We know that God created all things. We know this because He tells us this in His Word, the Bible. We know this when we see the design, order, and beauty of creation and how everything fits together.

Why did God create you and me? God created us to love, serve, and glorify Him - our Creator.

God created us perfect. But we chose to go against God. We wanted to honor ourselves instead of God. Our first parents, Adam and Eve, made this choice, a wrong choice, a sinful choice. From this sin came trouble and death. We, too, make this same sinful choice. But God is very loving. He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die to pay the price to save His children from their sins. God's children will one day be in heaven with Him forever. God tells us, in the Bible, that whosoever believes on Him will be saved! God's children love to learn more about God. They love to go to church to hear God's Word explained. God's people love to do that which is pleasing to God and they hate sin and their own selfish pride.

God is still saving people today. Pray to God that He will convert you; that He will turn you from sin and self-centeredness to loving Him and others. Then your life will glorify God. This is reason why you and I were created.

Psalm 19:1
The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handy work

Luke 11:28
Blessed are they that hear the word of God and keep it