A List of Omissions and Changes by G. W. and D. E. Anderson
1 Corinthians
2 Corinthians
1 Thessalonians
2 Thessalonians
1 Timothy
2 Timothy
1 Peter
2 Peter
1 John
2 John
3 John


In recent years, much has been said and written regarding the excellence, accuracy and readability of the modern versions of the New Testament. It is often stated that these versions are more accurate than the Authorized (King James) Version because the newer translations are based upon older and better manuscripts than those upon which the Authorized Version is based. There are many today, however, who would not agree with this assessment. It is their contention that the manuscripts of the New Testament used in the modern versions are corrupted and, in effect, detract from essential doctrines of the Bible. The Trinitarian Bible Society has provided the list below as a useful guide in opposing the use of these manuscripts and modern translations.

The list below is a compilation of verses in which the modern versions have followed corrupted manuscripts and made drastic alterations to the printed editions of the traditionally accepted text of the New Testament. The central purpose of this list is to aid the Bible student in discerning and evaluating whether his translation is founded upon these few 'older' manuscripts and how far astray his translation goes. A simple comparison of the verses below with any modern translation will show the extent of corruption in our modern versions.  The comparison of these modern versions may be made by using a copy of the Authorized Version. Although the Authorized Version is not infallible or inerrant, it is an accurate and excellent translation which follows the Traditional or Received Text of the New Testament and was not affected by the current rage of paraphrasing. Some versions will be difficult to compare because of the modern tendency among translators to use 'dynamic equivalence' methods of translation (see the New International Version Review, Article No. 74, published by the Society).

This list of variant readings is not complete. It is designed to show the many and most serious omissions in the modern editions of the New Testament. In addition to omissions, a few instances of changes and additions are included. Unless otherwise stated, each variant listed represents an omission. It is hoped that many will see the problems with the modern texts and versions and will change back to a 'complete' edition of the New Testament. We at the Trinitarian Bible Society pray that God will be pleased to use this textual variant list to call His people back to a day of purer translations and sounder principles of translation and textual criticism.

A List of Omissions and Changes Found In Most Modern New Testaments Unless otherwise noted, the variant listed represents an omission from the Traditional Text.  An asterisk indicates some of the more serious omissions or doctrinal problems. In instances of change, the Authorized Version reading, which represents the reading of the Traditional Text, is given in comparison with the critical text reading as found in the New American Standard Version.


1.7 'Asa' is changed to 'Asaph' (often this error is printed in the margin rather than in the text)

1.10 'Amon' is changed to 'Amos' (see verse 7 above)

*1.25 'firstborn'

5.22 'without a cause'

5.27 'by them of old time'

*5.44 'bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you,' and 'despitefully use you, and'

5.47 'publicans' is changed to 'Gentiles'

6.4 'openly'

6.6 'openly'

6.13 'For thine ... Amen'

6.18 'openly'

*6.33 AV--'the kingdom of God'; NAS-- 'His kingdom'

8.15 'them' is changed to 'him'

8.29 'Jesus' ('Jesus, thou Son of God')

8.31 'suffer us to go away' is changed to 'send us'

9.8 'they marveled' is changed to 'they were afraid' RSV; (NAS-'they were filled with awe')

9.13 'to repentance'

9.14 'oft'

9.35 'among the people'

9.36 'fainted' is changed to 'distressed'

10.3 'Lebbaeus, whose surname was'

11.2 'two of his disciples' is changed to 'by his disciples'

12.8 'even'

12.15 'multitudes'

12.22 'blind and' (second instance in verse)

12.35 'of the heart'

*13.51 'Jesus saith unto them

*13.51 Lord' ('Yea,Lord')

14.30 'boisterous'

14.33 'came and'

15.6 'or his mother'

15.6 'commandment' is changed to 'word'

15.8 'draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and'

16.3 'O ye hypocrites'

16.4 'the prophet'

*16.20 'Jesus'

17.4 ‘let us make’ is changed to ‘I will make’

17.11 AV- 'Jesus'; NAS-'He'

17.11 'unto them'

17.11 'first' ('shall first come')


17.22 'abode' is changed to 'were gathering together'


18.29 'at his feet'

18.29 'all' ('I will pay thee all')

18.35 'their trespasses'

*19.9 'and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery.’

19.17 AV--'there is none good but one, that is God’; NAS-'there is only One who is good'

19.20 'from my youth up'

19.29 'or wife'

20.7 'and whatsoever is right, that shall ye receive'

20.16 'for many be called, but few chosen’

*20.22 'and to be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with?' (see also verse 23)

*20.23 'and be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with:' (see also verse 22)

21.4 AV - 'All this'; NAS- 'Now this'

21.12 'of God' ('the temple of God')

21.44 ALL of this verse is omitted in some versions

22.13 'take him away, and'

22.30 'of God' ('angels of God')

23.3 AV - 'they bid you observe,that observe and do'; NAS-'they tell you, do and observe'

*23.8 'even Christ'


24.6 'all' ('all these things')

24.7 'and pestilences'

24.36 adds 'nor the Son'

24.42 'hour' is changed to 'day'

24.48 'his coming'

25.6 'cometh'

25.13 'wherein the Son of man cometh'

25.31 'holy' ('holy angels')

25.44 'him' ('answer him')

26.3 'and the scribes'

*26.28 'new' ('of the new testament')

26.59 'and elders’

26.60 'yet found they none’ (second instance)

26.60 'false witnesses' (second instance)

27.2 'Pontius'

*27.24 'just' (AV -- 'the blood of this just person'; NAS -- 'this Man's blood')

27.34 AV -- 'vinegar', i.e., sour wine; NAS- 'wine'

*27.35 'that it ... lots' (last half of verse is omitted)

27.42 'if' (AV -- 'If he be the King'; NAS -- 'He is the King')

27.42 'believe him' is changed to 'believe in him'

27.64 'by night'

28.2 'from the door'

28.9 'as they went to tell his disciples'

28.20 'Amen'


*1.1 ‘the Son of God’ (omitted in some versions and margins)

"1.2 ‘the prophets' is replaced by 'Isaiah the prophet', an obvious error

*1.14 'of the kingdom' (AV -- 'the gospel of the kingdom of God'; NAS -- 'the gospel of God')

2.2 'straightway'

*2.17 'to repentance'

3.5 'whole as the other'

3.15 'to heal sicknesses, and'

3.16 'And He appointed the twelve:' is added at beginning of verse

3.29 'damnation' is changed to 'sin'

4.4 'of the air'

4.9 'unto them’

*5.13 'Jesus' is changed to 'he'

6.11 'whosoever' is changed to 'any place’

*6.11 'Verily I say ... than for that city' (omits last part of verse)

6.15 'or' (AV -- 'or as one of the prophets'; NAS -- 'like one of the prophets of old')

6.16 'from the dead'

6.33 'him' is changed to 'them'

6.33 'and came together unto him'

6.36 AV -- 'buy themselves bread: for they have nothing to eat'; NAS -- 'buy themselves something to eat'

6.44 'about' (AV -- 'about five thousand')

7.2 'they found fault'

*7.8 'as the washing ... ye do' (omits last half of verse)


7.24 'and Sidon’

8.17 'yet' (AV -- 'have ye your heart yet hardened?')

8.25 'made him look up' is changed to 'looked intently'

8.26 'neither' and 'nor' combined into 'not'

*9.24 'Lord' (referring to Jesus)

*9.29 'and fasting'

*9.42 'in me'


*9.45 'into the fire that never shall be quenched'


9.49 'and every sacrifice shall be salted with salt'

*10.21 'take up the cross'

10.24 'for them that trust in riches'

10.29 'or wife'

11.10 'in the name of the Lord'

11.24 'ye receive' is changed to 'you have received'


12.4 'and at him they cast stones'

*12.30 'this is the first commandment'

12.33 'with all the soul'

13.8 'and troubles'

13.11 'neither do ye premeditate’

13.14 'spoken of by Daniel the prophet'

*13.33 'and pray'

14.19 'and another said, Is it I?'

*14.22 'eat' (AV -- 'Take, eat.'; NAS--'Take it.')

*14.24 'new' ('of the new testament')

14.27 'because of me this night'

14.68 'and the cock crew'

14.70 'and thy speech agreeth thereto'

15.3 'but he answered nothing'

15.8 'crying aloud' is changed to 'went up'


*15.39 'cried out'

16.8 'quickly’

*16.9-20 OMITTED or bracketed in most Bibles (with variations). Although missing in the Vatican and Sinai manuscripts, it is found in almost every Greek manuscript which contains Mark's Gospel. In addition, it is quoted by Church Fathers including Irenaeus and Hippolytus in the second and third centuries.


1.28 'blessed art thou among women'

1.29 'when she saw him'

2.5 'wife' (AV -- 'his espoused wife'; NAS -- 'who was engaged to him')

2.9 ‘lo’

*2.14 'good will toward men' is changed to 'toward men of good will' or 'among men with whom he is pleased'

*2.33 'And Joseph and his mother' is changed to 'and his father and mother' (note that the change affects Virgin Birth of our Lord)

*2.40 'in spirit'

*2.43 'and Joseph and his mother is changed to 'his parents' (cf. 2.33)

*4.4 'but by every word of God'

*4.8 'Get thee behind me, Satan'

4.18 'to heal the brokenhearted'

*4.41 'Christ' (first instance; the reference to Jesus' Messiahship is eliminated)

5.33 'why' (makes this a statement rather than a question)

5.38 'and both are preserved'

6.10 'whole as the other'

6.26 'unto you'

6.45 'treasure of his heart' (second instance)

6.48 'was founded upon a rock' is changed to 'had been well built'

7.10 'that had been sick'

7.31 'And the Lord said'

8.45 'and they that were with him'

8.45 'and sayest thou, Who touched me?'

8.48 'be of good comfort'

8.54 'put them all out, and'

9.50 'us' is changed to 'you'

9.54 'even as Elias did'

9.55 'and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of'

*9.56 'For the Son of man is not come to destroy men's lives, but to save them'

10.35 'when he departed'

*11.2 'our' ('Our Father .. .')

*11.2 'which art in heaven'

*11.2 'Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth'

*11.4 'but deliver us from evil'

*11.11 'bread' and' will he give him a stone? or if he ask'

11.29 'the prophet'

11.44 'scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites'

11.54 'and seeking'

11.54 'that they might accuse him'

*12.31 'the kingdom of God' is changed to 'his kingdom'

13.19 'great'

14.5 'ass' is changed to 'son'

17.3 'against thee'

17.9 'him? I trow [i.e., judge] not'


19.5 'and saw him'

20.5 'then'

20.23 'Why tempt ye me?'

20.30 'took her to wife, and he died childless'

*21.4 ‘of God'

22.14 'twelve’

22.31 'And the Lord said'

*22.43 some versions omit ALL of this verse or put it in brackets

*22.44 some versions omit ALL of this verse or put it in brackets

*22.57 'him' (first instance; referring to Jesus) is omitted or changed to 'it'

22.64 'they struck him on the face, and'

22.68 'also' (AV -- 'and if I also ask you, ye will not answer me'; NAS -- 'and if I ask a question, you will not answer')

22.68 'nor let me go'

23.6 'of Galilee' is changed to 'it' or omitted


23.23 'and of the chief priests'

23.25 'unto them'

*23.34 'Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.' (some versions bracket or have notes which say that this sentence is not original)

23.38 'written' and 'in letters of Greek, and Latin, and Hebrew'

*23.42 'Lord' (the thief on the cross recognizes Jesus' Lordship)

*23.45 'And the sun was darkened' is changed to 'the sun being obscured', 'eclipsed' or 'failing', or a marginal reading is given to add this naturalistic effect.

24.1 'and certain others with them'

24.4 'much'

*24.6 'He is not here, but is risen' is omitted from or bracketed in some versions, or a problematic footnote is given

24.12 Some versions omit ALL of this verse, others only omit 'laid'

*24.40 Some versions omit or bracket this verse. It is found in every Greek manuscript of Luke except for one fifth century Western manuscript. The omission results from radical New Testament criticism principles. Some versions have misleading or incorrect footnotes regarding this.

24.42 'and of an honeycomb'

24.49 'of Jerusalem'

24.51 'and carried up into heaven'. Only two Greek manuscripts omit this, but some Greek texts and critical editions of the Greek New Testament and some versions omit it.

*24.52 Some versions omit 'they worshipped him' from this verse for the same reasons as in the case of the omissions in 24.40; however, some critical editions of the Greek New Testament include it. Without it the risen Lord is not receiving worship from His people.

24.53 'praising' is omitted from the critical Greek text; according to marginal note in NAS, NAS changes 'blessing' to 'praising'.

24.53 'Amen'


*1.18 'only begotten Son' is changed to 'only begotten God'

1.27 'is preferred before me

1.51 'Hereafter'

2.22 'unto them'

*3.13 'which is in heaven' (thus an attribute of God is removed from Jesus)

3.15 'should not perish, but' is omitted.

*4.42 'the Christ' (note: Jesus' Messiahship is obscured)

4.46 'Jesus'

5.3 'waiting for the moving of the water'


5.16 'and sought to slay him'

5.30 'Father'

6.11 'to the disciples,and the disciples'

6.22 AV -- 'save that one whereinto his disciples were entered'; NAS -- 'except one'

6.39 'Father'

*6.47 'on me' [note: not just 'believing' secures everlasting life, but believing 'in me' (Jesus) ]

6.58 'manna'

*6.69 'thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God' is changed to 'you are the Holy One of God' (note: Messiahship and Deity/Sonship are missing)

7.8 'yet'

7.26 'very' ('this is the very Christ')

7.29 'But'

7.33 'unto them'

*7.39 'Holy' ('Holy Ghost')

* 7.53-8.11 entire section is omitted or in brackets in many modern versions

8.9 'being convicted by their own conscience'

8.10 'and saw none but the woman'

8.10 'thine accusers'

*8.16 AV -- 'the Father'; NAS -- 'He'

8.59 'going through the midst of them, and so passed by'

*9.4 'I must work the works' is changed to 'we must work the works'

9.11 'the pool of'

*9.35 'Son of God' is changed to 'Son of man'

10.26 'as I said unto you'

10.38 'believe' (third instance; AV -- 'know and believe,') is changed to 'understand' (NAS -- 'know and understand')

11.41 'from the place where the dead was laid'

12.1 'which had been dead'

12.41 'when' is changed to 'because'

13.2 AV -- 'And supper being ended'; NAS -- 'And during supper’

14.12 'my' (NAS -- 'the Father')

*14.15 'If ye love me, keep my commandments' (a command) is changed to a statement, 'If you love me, you will keep my commandments'

14.28 'I said' (AV -- 'because I said, I go', NAS--'because I go')

15.7 'ye shall ask' is changed to 'ask'

16.3 'unto you'

16.10 'my' (NAS -- 'the Father')

*16.16 'because I go to the Father

17.11 'those whom' (referring to believers) is changed to 'that which' (referring to 'name')

17.12 'in the world'

17.12 'I kept them in thy name: those that thou gavest me' is changed to 'I was keeping them in Thy name which Thou hast given me;'

17.20 'shall' (AV -- 'which shall believe'; NAS -- 'who believe')

19.16 'and led him away’

20.19 'assembled'

20.29 'Thomas' (AV -- 'Jesus saith unto him, Thomas')

21.3 'immediately'


1.14 'and supplication'

2.1 'with one accord' is changed to 'together'

2.7 'one to another'

2.23 'have taken'

*2.30 'according to the flesh, he would raise up Christ'

2.33 'now’

2.41 'gladly'

2.42 'and' ('and in breaking of bread')

*2.47 'to the church' is changed to 'to their number'

3.6 'rise up and'

3.20 'Jesus Christ, which before was preached unto you' is changed to 'Jesus,the Christ appointed for you'

3.24 'foretold' is changed to 'announced'

4.24 'God'

5.23 'without' ('the keepers standing without')

5.24 'the high priest, and'

5.25 'saying'

5.34 'apostles'

6.3 'Holy' (AV -- 'Holy Ghost'; NAS -- 'Spirit')

6.13 'blasphemous'

*7.30 'of the Lord'

7.37 'the Lord your'

7.37 'him ye shall hear'


9.5 'It is hard for thee to kick against the pricks'

9.6 'And he trembling ... unto him'

*9.20 'Christ' is changed to 'Jesus

10.6 'He shall tell thee what thou oughtest to do'

10.21 'which were sent unto him from Cornelius'

10.32 'who, when he cometh, shall speak unto thee'

*15.11 'Christ'

15.18 AV -- 'Known unto God are all his works from the beginning of the world'; NAS -- 'who makes these things known from of old'

15.24 'saying, Ye must be circumcised, and keep the law'


*16.31 'Christ'

17.5 which believed not'

17.26 'blood'

18.21 'I must by all means keep this feast that cometh in Jerusalem'

19.4 'Christ'

*20.25 'of God' ('kingdom of God')

20.32 'brethren

20.34 'Yea'

21.8 'that were of Paul's company'

21.25 'that they observe no such thing, save'

22.9 'and were afraid'

22.16 'the name of the Lord' is changed to 'His name'

22.20 'unto his death'

23.9 'let us not fight against God'

23.15 'to morrow'

*24.6-8 'and would have judged ... commanding his accusers to come unto thee' is omitted (the last part of verse 6, ALL of verse 7, and the first part of verse 8)

24.15 'of the dead'

24.26 'that he might loose him'

25.16 'to die'

26.30 'when he had thus spoken'

28.16 'the centurion delivered the prisoners to the captain of the guard: but'



*1.16 'of Christ' ('the gospel of Christ')

1.29 'fornication'

1.31 'implacable' ('unforgiving')

3.22 'and upon all'

5.2 a few versions omit 'by faith'

6.11 'our Lord'

*8.1 'who walk not after the flesh,but after the Spirit'

*8.26 'for us' (regarding the Holy Spirit's intercession) is omitted or italicized in some versions

8.28 AV -- 'all things work together for good'; NAS -- 'God causes all things to work together for good'

9.28 'in righteousness: because a short work' is omitted, and many versions rearrange what parts of the verse remain.

9.31 'of righteousness' is omitted the second instance

9.32 'of the law'

10.1 'Israel'

*10.15 'preach the gospel of peace,

*10.17 'God' is changed to 'Christ'

11.6 'But if it be of works, then is it no more grace: otherwise work is no more work'

*13.9 'Thou shalt not bear false witness'

14.6 'and he that ... doth not regard it' (some versions omit this, some place it in brackets)

*14.9 'and rose'

*14.10 'Christ' is changed to 'God' (note: if 'Christ' is read in verse 10, then He is the God of verse 12. If the reading in verse 10 is 'God', then the Deity of Christ is missing in this passage.)

14.21 'or is offended, or is made weak'

14.22 'Hast thou faith?' is changed from a question to a statement,'the faith which you have'

15.24 'I will come to you'

*15.29 'of the gospel' ('of the gospel of Christ')

*16.18 'Jesus' ('Lord Jesus Christ')


1 Corinthians

1.14 in some versions 'I thank God' is changed to 'I am thankful'

2.4 'man's'

*2.13 'Holy' is omitted from ‘Ghost'

5.1 'named'

*5.4 'Christ' is omitted twice

*5.5 'Jesus' is omitted from some versions

*5.7 'for us'

*6.20 'and in your spirit, which are God's'

7.5 'fasting and'

7.39 'by the law'

*9.1 'Christ'

*9.18 'of Christ'

*10.9 'Christ' is changed to 'the Lord'

10.11 'all' ('Now all these things')

10.23 'for me' ('lawful for me')

10.28 'for the earth is the Lord's, and the fullness thereof'

*11.24 'Take,eat' (speaking of the Lord’s Supper)

*11.24 'broken' (speaking of Christ's body)

*11.29 'unworthily'

*11.29 'Lord's' ('the Lord's body')

12.13 'into' ('into one Spirit') is changed to 'of

14.25 'And thus'

14.34 'your' ('your women')

14.38 'let him be ignorant' is changed from an exhortation to the statement, 'he is not recognized'

*15.47 'the Lord' (the Deity of Christ is obscured)

15.55 AV -- 'O death,where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?'; NAS -- 'O death, where is your victory? O death,where is your sting?'

*16.22 'Jesus Christ'

*16.23 'Christ'

2 Corinthians

1.10 'doth deliver' (second instance) is changed to 'shall deliver' in some versions; thus 'delivered... doth deliver ... will yet deliver' becomes 'delivered ... will deliver... will yet deliver'.

*4.6 'Jesus'

*4.10 'the Lord'

*5.18 'Jesus'

8.4 'that we would receive'

8.24 'and' ('and before the churches')

9.10 AV -- 'Now he ... minister ... and multiply ... and increase'; NAS -- 'Now He ... will supply and multiply ...and increase',changing an expressed wish or prayer (voluntative optative) to a statement of future.

10.8 'us' ('hath given us for edification')

11.6 'been' (AV -- 'we have been throughly made manifest'; NAS -- 'we have made this evident')

"11.31 'our'

*11.31 'Christ'

12.11 'in glorying'

13.2 'I write'


*1.15 'God' is changed to 'He

3.1 'that ye should not obey the truth'

3.1 'among you'

*3.17 'in Christ' (the Abrahamic covenant was 'in Christ')

4.7 'of God through Christ' is changed to 'through God'

4.24 'the' ('the two covenants')

5.19 'Adultery'

5.21 'murders'

*6.15 'in Christ Jesus’

*6.17 'the Lord'


1.10 'both'

1.18 'understanding' is changed to 'heart'

*3.9 'by Jesus Christ'

*3.14 'of our Lord Jesus Christ'

4.6 'you' ('in you all')

4.9 'first' ('he also descended first')

4.17 'other' ('other Gentiles') is changed to 'the'

*5.9 'fruit of the Spirit' is changed to 'fruit of the light'

5.21 'fear of God' is changed to 'fear of Christ'

5.30 'of his flesh, and of his bones'

6.10 'my brethren’


1.16-17 these verses are reversed in the modern versions

3.3 'God in the spirit' is changed to 'in the Spirit of God'

*3.16 'let us mind the same thing’

"4.13 'Christ which strengtheneth me' is changed to 'him who strengthens me'

4.23 'be with you all' is changed to 'be with your spirit'


*1.2 'and the Lord Jesus Christ'

*1.14 'through his blood'

*1.28 'Jesus'

2.2 'and of the Father, and of'

2.7 'therein'

2.11 'of the sins of'

*2.18 'not' ('hath not seen' is changed to 'has seen')

2.20 'Wherefore’

*3.6 'on the children of disobedience'

*3.13 'Christ' is changed to 'the Lord'

*3.15 'God' is changed to 'Christ'

*3.22 'God' is changed to 'the Lord'

3.24 'for' is omitted, changing the conclusion of the Apostle's statement to a separate statement

1 Thessalonians

*1.1 'from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ'

2.2 'even' ('But even after')

3.2 'minister

*3.11 'Christ' (AV--'our Lord Jesus Christ'; NAS -- 'Jesus our Lord')

*3.13 ‘Christ’

5.27 ‘holy’ (‘holy brethren’)

2 Thessalonians

*1.8 'Christ'

*1.12 'Christ'

*2.2 'day of Christ' is changed to 'day of the Lord'

*2.4 'as God' (AV -- 'he as God sitteth'; NAS -- 'he takes his seat')

1 Timothy

1.1 'Lord'

*1.17 'wise' ('only wise God')

*2.7 'in Christ' ('I speak the truth in Christ')

3.3 'not greedy of filthy lucre'

*3.16 'God' replaced with 'he', 'he who', or 'what' (see the Society's article "God was Manifest in the Flesh" regarding this passage)

4.12 'in spirit'

5.4 'good and'

5.16 'man or' [Greek: 'believing (man) or believing (woman)’]

*6.5 'from such withdraw thyself'

6.7 'and it is certain'

2 Timothy

1.1 'an apostle of Jesus Christ' is changed to 'an apostle of Christ Jesus'

1.11 'of the Gentiles'

*2.19 'name of Christ' is changed to 'name of the Lord'

4.1 'therefore'

*4.1 'Lord'

*4.22 'Jesus Christ'


1.4 'mercy'

*1.4 'Lord' is omitted, and 'Jesus Christ’ is reversed

2.7 ‘sincerity’


*6 'Jesus'

*12 'Whom I have sent again: thou therefore receive him, that is, mine own bowels' is changed to ‘And I have sent him back to you in person, that is, sending my very heart’


*1.3 'by himself'

*1.3 'our' ('purged our sins')

*2.7 'and didst set him over the works of thy hands' is omitted in many versions

*3.1 'Christ'

3.6 'firm unto the end' is omitted in many versions

6.10 'labour of'

*7.21 'after the order of Melchisedec'

8.12 'and their iniquities'

*10.9 'O God' is omitted in many versions

*10.30 ’saith the Lord'

10.34 'my' ('my bonds')

10.34 'in heaven'

*11.11 'was delivered of a child'. Some modern versions add, with no Greek manuscript support, an entire section about Abraham being enabled to beget children.

*11.13 'were persuaded of them'

*11.37 'were tempted' is omitted from most versions

12.20 'or thrust through with a dart'


1.19 'Wherefore' is changed to 'this you know' and 'but' is added ('But let everyone')

1.26 'among you'

2.18 'thy' (AV -- 'without thy works';NAS -- 'without the works')

2.18 'my' is omitted from most versions

*2.20 'faith without works is dead' is changed to 'faith without works is useless'

4.2 'yet' (in addition to this omission, the NAS adds 'so', giving the impression of causal relationship)

*4.4 'adulterers and'

5.5 'as' ('as in a day of slaughter')

5.16 'faults' is changed to 'sins' (different Greek words)

*5.20 'a soul' is changed to 'his soul'

1 Peter

1.16 'Be ye holy' (a command) is changed to 'you shall be holy' (future tense)

*1.22 'through the Spirit'

1.23 'for ever'

*3.15 'God' is changed to 'Christ'

*4.1 'for us' ('Christ hath suffered for us')

4.14 'on their part he is evil spoken of, but on your part he is glorified'

5.8 'because'

*5.10 'Jesus'

5.11 'glory and'

5.14 'Jesus. Amen.

2 Peter

*1.21 'holy' ('holy men of God')

2.17 'forever’

3.9 'us' is changed to 'you’

3.10 'in the night'

*3.10 'shall be burned up' is changed to 'discovered'; some versions have this change as a footnote only

1 John

*1.7 'Christ'

2.7 'brethren' is changed to 'beloved'

2.7 'from the beginning' (second instance)

*2.20 'ye know all things' is changed to 'you all know'

3.1 adds 'and we are' after 'sons of God'

3.14 'his brother' ('loveth not his brother')

*3.19 'we know' is changed to 'we shall know' (but note the context)

*4.3 'Christ is come in the flesh'

*4.19 'we love him' is changed to 'we love'

* 5.7-8 'in heaven; the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one. And there are three that bear witness in earth,’

*5.13 'and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God'

2 John

3 'the Lord'

9 'of Christ' (second instance)

3 John

11 'but' ('but he that doeth evil')


*1 'sanctified' is changed to 'beloved'

*4 'God'

23 AV -- 'And others save with fear,'; NAS -- 'save others, ... and on some have mercy with fear'

*25 'wise' ('only wise God')

25 some versions add 'before all time and'


*1.5 'loved us, and washed us' is changed to 'loves us and released us’

1.8 'the beginning and the ending'

*1.9 'Christ' is omitted twice

*1.11 'I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last and'

1.11 'which are in Asia'

1.17 'unto me'

1.20 'which thou sawest' (second instance)

2.9 'works'

2.13 'thy works, and'

2.15 'which thing I hate'

3.11 'behold'

5.4 'and to read'

5.5 'to loose'

5.14 'four and twenty'

*5.14 'him that liveth for ever and ever'

* 6.1,3 & 5.7 'and see' ('Come and see')

* 7.5b-8b 'were sealed' (omitted in ten of the twelve instances)

*8.13 'I heard an angel' is changed to 'I heard an eagle'

10.4 'unto me'

*11.1 AV -- 'and the angel stood, saying'; NAS -- 'and someone said' (RSV ‘and I was told')

11.4 'the God' is changed to 'the Lord'

*11.17 'and art to come'

12.12 'the inhabiters

*12.17 'Christ'

"14.5 'before the throne of God'

14.8 'city'

14.13 'unto me'

14.15 'for thee'

15.2 'over his mark'

15.3 'the saints' is changed to 'the nations'

15.5 'behold'

*16.5 'O Lord'

16.7 'another out of' (without this, an inanimate object, the altar, is speaking)

16.14 'of the earth and'

16.17 'of heaven'

17.1 'unto me'

18.2 AV -- 'cried mightily with a strong voice'; NAS- 'cried out with a mighty voice'

18.6 'you' ('rewarded you')

*19.1 'the Lord'

*20.9 'God out of'

*20.12 'before God' is changed to 'before the throne'

21.2 'John'

21.5 'unto me'

21.9 'unto me'

21.10 AV -- 'that great city, the holy Jerusalem'; NAS -- 'the holy city, Jerusalem'

21.24 'of them which are saved'

22.1 'pure'

*22.14 'do his commandments' is changed to 'wash their robes'

*22.19 'book of life' is changed to 'tree of life'

Number of variants:
Gospels 274
Acts 55
Pauline Epistles 137
Hebrews 16
General Epistles 44
Revelation 49
Total 575
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