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  • God's attributes - The perfections of God's being as perceived by man

  • How can the example of sunlight help picture the truth of God's oneness, and yet His being observed by us in various perfections?

    God's Attributes

    God is perfect. He is one perfect being who does not have various parts, for He is one. Yet as creatures, we see the perfections of God in different ways when viewing His Word and works.

    The perfections of God's being are named His "virtues" or "attributes." God's attributes are the various ways in which His glory is witnessed by man. God's attributes are God Himself. God is all His attributes at all times. God is, and forever will remain, perfectly true to Himself.

    God's being perfectly one and yet being seen by us in various perfections can be illustrated by using sunlight as an example:

      Sunlight is a miraculous and glorious gift which enriches our daily lives. Sunlight is one bright, clear light.

      However, let this light pass through a prism and it separates into a beautiful rainbow of colors. This spectrum includes the colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, in that order.

      Sunlight contains this full spectrum of colors within the wavelengths of light visible to the human eye. Yet, in actuality, there is such a perfect blending of these seven colors in natural sunlight that there are no distinct colors - sunlight is one, pure, clear light. We can observe and study this miracle, but we cannot fully understand it.

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