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    been thinking! If that were true, I would not only be suspended, I'd be fired! Cheer up and forget it. When you return it'll all be forgiven and forgotten."

    How does the reasoning of Jack's friend contradict six of the previous scriptural characteristics of sin? What seriously wrong "advice" and "comfort" is implied in this friend's conversation with Jack?

Scripture speaks of two types of sin which affect our relationship with God - one is original and the other is actual sin.

Original sin refers to Adam's first sin, his eating from the forbidden tree in Paradise, the original sin of mankind.

Due to our two-fold relationship with Adam, since the fall, every person is born in sin - in both a sinfully guilty state and polluted condition. Original sin includes both original:

    1. Guilt

    2. Pollution

Original guilt refers to the guilt from Adam's original sin. This guilt is imputed to every person because Adam was their covenant father in the Covenant of Works. He was appointed by God as the covenant head or representative of the entire human race. Through obedience, Adam would have earned eternal life for all mankind, but through disobedience he brought guilt and the sentence of death upon all people.

    Mr. Martin protested the high costs of federal taxes he was required to pay. "Why do I have to pay this amount?" he asked angrily.

    "Your present government and several previous ones have spent this much money," answered his accountant.

    "But I didn't do that! How can they charge me?" he demanded.

    "The present and previous governments are the official representatives of our country," was the reply. "As a citizen, we share in the benefits and consequences of our citizenship."

    As citizens of the human race, who was our representative in the Covenant of Works? Why is the debt of his sin imputed to each of us?

  • Original - First; the beginning of

  • Therefore as by the offence of one judgment came upon all men to condemnation.

    - Romans 5:18a

    Who can bring a clean thing out of an unclean? not one.

    - Job 14:4

  • Imputed - Placed on one's account; charged; credited

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