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    In the Holy Place, three pieces of furniture were placed. Each was overlaid with gold. These three testify of Christ's work in heaven for His Church - of His work as their Prophet, Priest, and King.

    What is pictured by the following:

    - The Golden Candlestick with its seven lamps burning oil and providing necessary light

    - The Golden Altar of Incense located next to the Holy of Holies upon which blood and fire from the sacrifice on the Brazen Altar were presented with sweet-smelling incense

    - The Golden Table of Shewbread upon which twelve loaves of bread were provided and guarded from falling by the golden crown around its edge

    Which piece of furniture testifies of Christ's work as Prophet, which one as Priest, and which as King?

Knowing that Jesus Christ is highly exalted far above all creatures, far above all people and angels, should fill His children with:

    1. Holy reverence to bow humbly at His feet, to worship and serve Him.

    2. Holy thoughts focussed upon eternal, heavenly truths, and contempt for fleeting, earthly vanities.

    3. Holy need for the King who reigns in heaven to increasingly reign in their hearts.

How does Jesus' instruction in John 5:39 apply to the Old Testament ceremonial laws: "Search the Scriptures; for ... they are they which testify of Me"?

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