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Winter 2001
Enforcing Parental Discipline
Finding Meaning in Life
God Moves in a Mysterious Ways
Religion as Entertainment
School Accreditation
Summer 2001
A Kings Kindness
A Word to Parents
Archibald Alexander
Christian School Mathematics
Pretty Faces and Pretty Persons
The Servant Parent/Teacher
Theistic Evolution
Young People and Questions
Spring 2001
Investing in your Marriage
Mean Moms
Parents are disappearing
Piety in our children
Religion as Entertainment
Summer 2000
Balancing Family Needs
Distinguishing Marks
Sinfulness of Unchanged Heart
Honesty is the Best Policy
Reading Services: Necessary?
Real Math
Fall 2000
A Patriot History Forgot
Media Literacy-or the Enemy Within
Parent-Student Study Skill Suggestions
Probing the Secrets of the Universe
Success in Kindergarten
The Discipling Parent-Teacher
Theology-The Foundation of All Our Studies
Why Do We Go To Catechism Class
Spring 2000
Honesty is the best Policy
Martin Luther(3)
The Charitable Parent/Teacher
What is Happening to our Young People?
Winter 2000
Commentary on Psalms...
Education - A Reflection on Society...
How Shall We Then Live?...
Modern Heathendom...
Teaching Our Children to Read...
The Humble Parent/Teacher...
When an 'A' Meant Something...
Fall 1999
Encouragement to Students
Enlisted Under the Banner...
The Family Beatitudes
Food for Thought
Lessons from Knox and Calvin
Martin Luther
Mr. T Vee Goes to Court
Non-School Influences
Parents Pitch-In
Pledging Allegiance to the Planet
Provoke Not Your Children...
Self-Concept: Positive or Negative?
The Eighth Commandment
What Are They Teaching Our Children?
Why Teachers Teach
Writing Course Outlines
Winter 1999
A Meeting With Luther
Helping to "Bear the Burdens"
Child/Newborn Euthanasia
Family Worship
The Listening Parent/Teacher
Pilgrim's Progress
Politics and the Christian Life
Learning for the Sake of Learning
Summer 1999
The 24 Hour Economy...
He Does All Things Well...
The Childlike Parent/Teacher...
Ripe For Eternity...
Bible Study Materials...
Telling The Bible Story...
What Can The Sinner Do?...
Spring 1999
Diary of a Bible
Remembering Issac Watts
Kick Calculators Out of Class
The Modeling Parent/Teacher
The New Age Movement
A Remarkable Answer
Telling the Bible Story
"Uninsured" and "The Three Mockers"
Fall 1998
In Isolation Lies Our Strength
Just the Turn of a Page
Phonics- ATool for the Task of Reading
Poor Joseph
Present-Day Music War
Teach Me to Number in Order to Be Wise
The Pruning Saws
The Scriptural Parent-Teacher
To Whom We Should Pray
What is God’s will
Why Not Worldly Fashion
Spring 1998
Am I My Brother’s Keeper?
Annies Prayer
Christian Behavior-Touching Parents
Reading Aloud to Children
Spectators at a Sporting Event
The Last Line of Defense
Where is the Lamb?
Whole Math - Political Correctness?
Summer 1998
A Good Father
California Adopts New Math Standards
How Gullible Are We
How to Develop an Ear for Grammar
More Than Notion
On Raising Disciplined Children
Overcoming Evil With Good
Saved By A Lamb
Scriptures and the Modern Attitude
Unwritten Report Cards
Why Not Worldly Fashion
Will it be God or Gadgets
You and Your Free Time
Spring 1997
Acts of Kindness
Are We Expecting Enough from Our Students
Combating Mechanistic Thinking
Hands-on Physics and Chemistry
Harvard, Yale and Princeton Universities
Heart Religion: Profession or Possession
Little Scotch Granite
Of Schools and Universities
Plymouth Colonists Saved by Free Market
The Christian Parent or Teacher
The Plague of Novels
Three Letters from Teddy
Summer 1997
The Broken Saw
Parent/Teacher Called to Serve
Educational Buzz Words
The Founding of Princeton Theological Seminary
Happy For One Night
Less Work and More Fun
Letter to Graduates
A Sermon on a Train
Virtues of Honor
Autumn 1997
A Phonetic or Whole Language Approach
Colleges as Self-Service Cafeterias
Early Foundations Publishers
Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers
Letters in Behalf of Christian Schools
Science Gaffs
Thanksgiving Day
The Death of a Celebrity
The Kings Meat in University Education Today
What shall I Read