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Prayer for our Children

Prayer of a Mother Concerned About her Adult Children


As I turn to Thee, Lord, my heart is troubled. Thou knows the journey that brought my children to where they are today. I am so sorry for whatever my husband or I might have done wrong, Lord. Our children don't seem to practice the faith we tried to hand on to them. Their values are so different from ours. It breaks my heart to see them passing those same values on to their children, my grandchildren.

Oh, Lord, I place them in Thy hands. I surrender the judgments and anger that can fill me. I know that, at times, in my frustration and desire to help them, I have pushed them farther away. Give me the graces I need to change my heart. Fill me with your mercy and forgiveness for my sins so that I might grow in the ability to forgive and embrace my kids with compassionate love. Let me be a healer of wounds, rather than a wounder. Let me build bridges of understanding. I know that is the only way I will be able, with Thy grace, to heal our relationship.

Father of Love, help my kids grow in gratitude to Thee. Help them to find Thee in their busy lives. Help me to affirm them and support them with love, that they might recognize authentic faith and love, and turn to Thee in their time of need.

Thank you, Lord.


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