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Sail More Than Seven Seas



Identify the Sea that is suggested by each of the following:


1.    Opposite of white?
2.    Chartreuse earth?
3.    Opposite of alive?
4.     A breed of dog that likes water?
5.     Opposite of south?
6.     Coffee’?
7.     Color associated with sunshine?
8.     Scale used for wind speed’?
9.     A device that reduces friction in machine parts?
10.   Capital of North Dakota?
11.   Color that’s associated with anger?
12.   People from Ireland?
13.   Name of country and formal dishes?
14.   Skeletons of marine animals that form from reefs or islands?
15.   Son of King David, noted for his wealth and wisdom?
16.   President during the Civil War’?
17.   People from Oslo?

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