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Paul's experiences in the interior regions of what is now Turkey were typical of most of his missionary forays. Perga was in the Roman coastal province of Pamphylia, whereas Antioch and Iconium were in the interior highlands of Pisidia and Phrygia, respectively. Both were part of the large province of Galatia. Lystra and Derbe were in Lycaonia, also a territory of Galatia. Paul and his associates almost invariably would first go to the local synagogues, where they would encounter a congregation of both Jews and God-fearing Gentiles. Many would respond to the gospel, especially among the Gentiles. This would open the door to preach also to the pagan Gentiles, and this in turn would stimulate both the unresponsive Jews and the anti-creationist pagan Gentiles to organize strong opposition to their preaching.


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