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Satan is very powerful and very active. He rules over a mighty kingdom of evil. While he is not omnipresent, yet by reigning over a vast number of evil spirits, he has worldwide influence. Scripture speaks of him as "the prince of the power of the air" and the "god of this world."

As a "roaring lion seeking whom he may devour," Satan restlessly goes "to and fro through the earth." Satan uses the weakness and sinfulness of men and the allurements of the sinful world to tempt men to evil.

Satan is a sworn enemy of God, and hates God with a bitter hatred. God has cast him out of heaven as a sinful rebel. Satan lost a position of great authority and will one day be confined to hell forever. No possibility of salvation exists for him nor for his followers.

From a spirit of bitter enmity, Satan hates and opposes God. He tries to hinder, mar, or destroy God's work, and hates to see God being honored and served. Man is the crown of God's creation. Therefore, Satan seeks to destroy him, to wreck God's work of creation, and to keep man from willingly loving and serving God.

While it appeared for a time that Satan had succeeded in doing this, God began to unfold a richer revelation of His grace, a deeper manifestation of His love, that He had planned from all eternity. Through the death of His own Son, God would find a way to yet love and restore fallen, sinful, and rebellious people. In the end, He would live with them forever in a restored and perfect creation.

God's plan of salvation amazed the angels. God's plan of salvation through Jesus Christ would enhance His glory. Instead of Satan's work and man's fall destroying God's work, God used them to promote His honor and glory in a deeper and richer manner! Jesus Christ would crush the head of Satan; he would be defeated for the second time. Therefore, with double fury, Satan hates God and His saved children, for all of God's attributes are especially glorified in the salvation of God's people.

  • Omnipresent - AEverywhere present at the same time

  • Allurements - Attractions; temptations

  • Enmity - Deep hatred; hostility

  • The fallen angels have no possiblity of salvation. Fallen man does. How does this fact emphasize the wonderfulness of God's sovereign grace to man?

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