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To review, our two-fold relationship with Adam and original sin can be pictured as follows:

The guilty state and polluted condition in which man is born does not take away his responsibility, however. God created man good and upright, and God will not lower His expectations to suit sinful man. Re expects perfect love to God and others. The standards for mankind are set by God, the Creator; not by man, the creature. God is unchangeable and therefore His standards are unchangeable.

    Phil, a new employee at a clothing store, is asked by his employer to locate several boxes of new winter coats in the supply room, and to unpack and display them on coatracks in the store.

    However, Phil chose to visit a tavern for several hours before coming to work this particular afternoon, and arrived in a drunken condition. Therefore, when he tried to find the boxes of coats in the storage room, he could not. Even if he would have, his coordination would not have been steady enough to unpack and display the coats.

    His employer sends Phil home with a stiff warning and refuses to pay him for the afternoon.

    Phil becomes very upset with his employer, and grumbles, "I am being treated unfairly. My employer

Are all of Adam's sins imputed to each of us, or only one sin? Why?

  • Standards - Set levels of expectation and requirement for behavior

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