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How is the sacrifice of Christ far greater than the sacrifice of the farmer in this story, in the following respects:
-Knowledge of that which would take place?
-Degree of suffering?
-Person(s) for whom He was sacrificing Himself?
-Importance of the sacrifice?

A farmer in North Carolina once hitched a young horse to his wagon and drove to town. As he was securing it to a post in front of one of the stores, the horse panicked.

The man leaped in front of the horse and heroically grabbed the bridle. The animal, however, dashed wildly down the street, the man still clinging desperately to its bridle. On they charged until the horse, wild with fear, reared up on its hind legs and crashed to the ground.

A crowd quickly gathered and the bleeding man was pulled clear from the horse. They found him breathing his last. Tenderly bending over him, a friend desperately asked, "Why did you give your life for a wagon and a horse?"

The dying man gasped, "Look in the wagon."

Running to the wagon, he looked, and there sleeping peacefully on some straw, lay his young child.

"I understand," his friend sobbed.

Why was Jesus Christ willing to sacrifice His life? What motivated His actions? In what ways was the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross far greater than that of the man in this story?

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