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  • Grotesque - Bizarre; distorted; unnaturally ugly

  • How do proper classroom rules and their enforcement secure the freedom to learn for all students in the class?

  • Ultimate - Highest possible; final; concluding

  • How do just laws differ from unjust laws?

      "Let's also view a scriptural example of this truth," Tim's teacher continued. "The last chapters of the Book of Judges relate one of the most sinful, gruesome, and grotesque histories found in the Bible. An Israelite man cut his abused and murdered concubine into twelve pieces and sent these twelve body parts throughout all Israel seeking revenge upon the tribe of Benjamin. This created a civil war between Benjamin and the other tribes of Israel in which fifty-five thousand men died plus all the women and most of the children of Benjamin. Due to all the women in Benjamin being killed and the vows of the other tribes not to give any of their daughters to a Benjamite, orders were given to kill all the inhabitants of Jabesh-gilead (who were absent at the time of the vow) to secure four hundred virgin girls who could be given as wives to the six hundred remaining men of Benjamin. When this did not suffice the Benjamite men, permission was given to them to hide near the highways and physically capture girls traveling to the feast of the Lord in Shiloh and to keep them as their wives. This uncivil, degrading, and shocking history begins with these words, 'And it came to pass in those days, when there was no king in Israel' (Judges 19:1a), and it closes with this conclusion 'In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes' (Judges 21:25).

      "Can you see the lesson being emphasized here? We need good laws and authority. Without it, injustice, cruelty, and chaos would reign."

      Why is this basic truth regarding just law and authority very important? What opposing views can be heard in our society and in our own hearts?

    God is authority. He is absolute and ultimate authority. Creator, Upholder, and King over all, God is sovereign Lawgiver. God's law is the expression of His will; therefore, there are absolute rights and wrongs. That which God declares to be right is right, at that which He proclaims to be wrong is wrong. God's law reflect His Person, His attributes; therefore, His law-word is not only absolute and sovereign, but it is also perfectly true, good, just, righteous, holy, wise, and loving. As man's Creator, all of God's laws promote man's well-being and profit. The ignoring or breaking of any command of God will produce sad and painful results.

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