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  • Neutrality - Condition of being on neither side
  • Absolute - Unconditional; true for all peoples, cultures, and times

  • All schools in our country are "religious" schools. Why?

    this war is engaged over questions like the following:

      - Whose word am I to follow, God's or mine?
      - Who am I answerable to, God or self?
      - Whose commands am I to obey, God's or my own?
      - Whose will am I to follow, God's or my own?
      - Who is central and most important, God or self?
      - Who is to be trusted, God or self?
      - Where is our hope to be based, upon God or man?

    No neutrality is possible in this moral war. Both thought systems are built upon "religious" belief structures. The Christian structure is built upon the first commandment - that there is one, supreme God who lives and reigns over all. It is based upon the truths of God and creation. Therefore, there are absolute rights and wrongs for all people. God is man's Creator; man is answerable to Him, to the eternal purpose for which he was created. God's law, therefore, constitutes absolute morality for all people. All people will be judged by God their Creator according to His law.

    Secular humanism, however, is built upon a "religious" belief structure which denies the first commandment. It denies that there is one God over all. Man evolved from lower forms of life and is the highest of life forms today. It is based upon atheism and evolution. Therefore, man is not answerable to anyone higher than himself. All men are "gods" - the highest of creatures. Therefore, there are no absolute rights and wrongs for all people, but each "god" is to determine his own code of morality. Each person will ultimately judge himself.

    Several present-day skirmishes in this war are observable today. For instance:

    • God's Word states, "Thou shalt not kill" (for human life is created by God). Humanism teaches that each person must decide this matter for himself. If a woman feels that she does not want the young child she is carrying in her womb, she has the right to kill it.

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