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What pressures especially confront teens? Why?

The teen years, maturing from child to adult, is not an easy part of life's journey through which to "sail." It is a part of life's course that is known for its protruding rocks and dangerous currents. Several sail through this section beautifully and safely, others brush a rock or two, but some are swept away by dangerous currents or encounter severe shipwreck in this part of their journey.

While there are definite dangers, the teen years can also be a very enjoyable and rewarding time of development. Therefore it is important to carefully study and learn your map, the Word of God and its practical teachings, to know where the dangerous rocks and currents lie and to ask for God's continual grace and guidance to avoid making shipwreck here.

The study of practical teachings regarding parental authority tension in the teen years -its causes and prevention -can be blessed by God to avoid various dangerous rocks and currents.

The diagram below displays how the degrees of individual and parental responsibility cross in the teen years, producing a potential for misunderstanding and conflict.

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