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  • Fetus - An unborn living creature either animal or human

  • Biologists name and classify all of the various living creatures they observe. A planted, growing corn seed is corn; a developing, unborn rabbit is a rabbit. Why would a developing, unborn child not be human? If it was not a human being, what type of living creature would it be?

  • Chromosome - Fibres which carry the coded information for heredity in units called genes, found in the nucleus of all living cells
    • A U .S. doctor could be legally charged for criminal neglect or murder if he willfully ignored, or used direct action to kill, a baby who was born prematurely. But he can legally perform an abortion, killing a child of the same developmental age who is still in his mother's womb.

    Pro-abortionists object to the previous reasons from God's Word and created reality by posting the following arguments, which can be briefly answered as follows:

    Argument 1: The fetus is not really human; therefore, it can be killed.

    Those who hold this viewpoint will agree that at some point, the child growing in the womb of the mother becomes a human being. Some set this time at the sixth week of pregnancy, some at three months, some at felt signs of life by the mother, and some at birth. Hospitals, clinics, and state or provincial rules concerning the maximum development stage at which to allow abortions vary according to these different opinions. When we consider various medical facts, it would become impossible to speak in definite terms of a time in which the unborn child is not human, (such as a baby's heart beginning to beat at three weeks, his brain waves being traceable at six weeks, and all of the baby's internal organs being present and functioning at eleven weeks). Further, if there was a time after conception in which the living and growing unborn child was not human, what type of living creature would it be? It has the twenty-six chromosome makeup that is distinctively human. What would this living and growing child be classified as, if it were not a human being? To morally and ethically permit abortion, one must be able to prove beyond all doubt that unborn children are not human.

      A pregnant woman entered a doctor's office carrying a year-old child in her arms. She informed her doctor that she desired an abortion because caring for two children that would be less than two years apart in age would be impossible for her.

      After listening to her request, the doctor calmly responded by suggesting that they kill the child in her arms instead of the one in her womb because this would be easier to perform and would be of less risk to her.


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